how to transfer files from computer to samsung galaxy s3?

Query by Yasmin: how to transfer files from computer to samsung galaxy s3?
I just purchased a samsung galaxy s3 and experimented with connecting it to my pc for the very first time.
Nonetheless, absolutely nothing comes out.The only notification i acquired is about the camera’s connectivity.I cant look to find the phone’s files.
I am a noob when it comes to androids and things so please, assist?

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Response by Kitty
Do you have SAMSUNG KIES? Set up it. I transfer files from my pc to android making use of samsung kies.

You can download it right here. You might not understand the language but click “download untuk windows” if you’re on a windows laptop and “download untuk mac os” if you happen to be on a mac.

Excellent luck, it is quite equivalent to iTunes.

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by Cajie


    When you get the notification there should be 2 check boxes in the window that opens, the first box should be checked. On your computer go to Start>computer>then at the bottom of the list your phone should be listed eg. Samsung SGH-i747, Samsung SGH-T999 or Samsung GT-i9300, something along those lines. Move files just like you would with any other folders

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